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“Nike Campbell’s narrative is simply written yet undeniably disturbing as she takes the reader back to the time of the slave traders, forcing them to be present at the opening of a wound that, even to this day, has not healed.  Yet this is not a one-sided story of blame, but an intricate detailing of all the strands that come together to weave both the collective and individual fates of a people. A beautifully written tale of beginnings and endings and the resilience of the human spirit when faced with overwhelming cruelty and hardship. ”

Review of Saro

Bryony Rheam

Author, September Sun and All Come to Dust

"This sweeping African tale which spans kingdoms, countries and lifetimes begins under the protective rocks of Egbaland with the bold declaration that we are all kings. Campbell deftly brings alive complex history through the unflinching eyes of flawed yet resilient characters who leave us yearning with them for stolen identities, and new dreams."

Review of Saro

Yejide Kilanko, author of Daughters Who Walk This Path, Chasing Butterflies, and A Good Name

"These are stories worth telling from a writer worth reading."

Review of Bury Me Come Sunday Afternoon

E.C Osondu, winner Caine Prize for Africa,

""A highly competent contribution to the growing genre of popular historical fiction in Africa" ."

Review of Thread of Gold Beads

Sefi Atta, winner of Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in Africa

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